Ilya Blokh
Founder & CTO
I'm inspired by creating innovative digital products.

Founder of a game dev company Publex

Track record:
Head of GameDev in
CTO and founder of software development company SDD Technology,
CPO of foodtech startup Manna
CTO and founder of IoT startup Etrok
CTO and founder of mobile dev studio BP Digital

How can I help you

Everyday I try to hone my skills
and achieve new heights
  • Product Managment
    — Assemble and lead a professional team capable to build the digital product
    — Find a product/market fit for the product and accelerate its growth
  • Software Engineering
    — Design the digital architecture and infrastructure
    — Control software engineering process and achieve the result
    — Design and integrate AI-driven complex solutions
  • Software & Game Dev
    — Build high-performance web services
    — Develop native and hybrid mobile apps for iOS, Android
    — Implement games & visualization tools on Unity and Unreal Engine 4


My publications on various topics in IT business,
software development and research in the field of Computer Science
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